Our state-of-the-art assembly equipment enables us to meet all your PCBA needs under one roof; our Printed circuit board assembly Capability includes but is not limited to what is listed below, as we are updating our equipment constantly to keep us on the cutting edge

SMT Assembly

Through-Hole Assembly

Mixed Assembly

Electro Mechanical Assembly

Box Build Assembly

Product Assembly

SMT Packages

Rigid Flex PCB Assembly Services


Assembly Types Single- & double-sided placement (SMT/Thru-hole)
PCB Layer 1 – 32 layers
Thickness 0.4mm – 2.0mm
Dimension Single PCB Size: 70x70mm – 510x460mm, PCB Panel Size: 70x70mm -250x250mm
Order Volume 2 – 80000 pcs
Surface Finish No limit
PCB Color No limit
Delivery Format Single PCB, Panel with mouse bites, Panel with V-cut
Layer Stackup All stack-up
Edge Rails Necessary
Fiducials Necessary
Minimum Package 201
Minimum IC Pin Spacing 0.35mm
Minimum BGA Spacing 0.5mm
Reflow temperature 240+/-5 °C
Visual Inspection Yes
X-ray Inspection Yes
Cleaning Water soluble is our standard flux. All assembled boards are cleaned with de-ionized water
Build time ≥ 4 days