Glinty established on 2014, at Jeddah – Saudi Arabia, to manufacture compatible products with advanced technologies and latest develop-
ments in luminaires and LED display solutions and to be pioneers in featuring products with high efficiency and quality to save energy consumption, harnessing natural resources and preserve the environment.



To be a leading company in manufacturing energy-saving LED lighting products, provid- ing display solutions & smart integrated tech- nologies and localizing advanced industries.

GLINTY Mission

Matching international quality standards in manufacturing ener- gy-saving LED lighting products, providing display solutions and smart integrated technologies with high capabilities by adopting the best methods & edge technologies, applying the highest safety standards and providing a pioneering work environment that attracts the best global expertise.


Reliability: We care to deserve our customers trust. Mutuality: Mutual expertise and opinions with our customers. Participatory: participating our customers and community in all occasions. Professionalism: Providing professional and high quality prod- ucts to get customer satisfactions.